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JBenchmark is a HTTP testing tool for benchmarking the performance of web applications. JBenchmark is 100% Java based and can be incorporated into the build process or used independently for testing application performance.
Performance testing of Projects is often overlooked and suppressed by business priorities until serious issues occur. Make it a standard part of your development process with ease.


JBenchmark has the following features:
  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Fast to create benchmark scripts
  3. Common Testing Constructs, HttpGet, Random or Weighted choice of tests, ThreadGroups, Loops
  4. Dynamically generate URLs, randomly set variables based on set list of values or from JDBC Source
  5. Uses Jelly scripting
  6. Various Assertions for Response Status, Response Size, ensure good performance figues are not the result of page errors
  7. Extensible Result Publishers
  8. Partially documented. See the online Documentation and the online JavaDoc.
  9. Available under the Apache 1.1 license. JBenchmark's copyright and licensing have had legal review, making jbenchmark suitable for use in Apache projects.
  10. Tested. All versions of jbenchmark are tested on a large and complex project before release.


Download JBenchmark.


The jbenchmark project gratefully acknowledges the contribution of, who granted a license to the authors to in respect of code developed at for the purpose of making it available to the community under an Apache open source license.

Thanks to ThoughtWorks for free legal assistance in formalising the granting of code from to the open source community. Copies of  the executed deeds are available should anyone need to audit the grant.