Package net.sf.jbenchmark



Interface Summary
Assertion A test assertion.
ResultPublisher Publishes timer results.
TestContext The context that a test runs in.
TestListener Listens for test lifecycles.

Class Summary
AssertDuration A test group that asserts that it completes in a certain duration.
AssertResponseSize Asserts that an HTTP request is of the expected size.
AssertStatusCode Asserts that an HTTP request returns an expected status code.
BenchmarkTask Currently the main part of JBenchmark intended for running from ANT only.
BenchmarkTask.Script Information about a benchmark script.
ChoiceTest A weighted test group.
ChooseRandom A test that selects a random test to execute from its children.
ChooseRandomItemTest A test group that chooses a random item from a list.
ConnectionFactory Creates database connections.
ElementNameRule A rule that sets the name of a feature with the name of the element.
FileResultPublisher Publishes timer results to a file.
FixedDelay A fixed delay.
FixedItemList ItemList implementation that takes a comma-separated list of items.
FixedThroughputTest A test that adds delays to ensure a constant throughput.
ForEachTest A test group that executes once for each item in a list.
HttpGetTest A test that fetches performs a GET of a particular URI.
HttpLogPlayerTest Http Log Player test will execute http gets from the specified log file File - http log file this attribute when running from script.
HttpServer Manages the set of connections to a server.
HttpSessionTest Test a number of http requests for a single session.
HttpTestResult The result of an HTTP test.
JDBCItemList A list of items selected via JDBC.
LogFileParser Http Log File Parser
ParallelTestGroup A test group that executes each of its tests in a separate thread.
RandomHttpGet Randomly Http Get using set items list.
Test Abstract superclass for all tests.
TestFeature A test feature.
TestGroup A test that runs a sequence of tests.
TestLogger A test listener that logs the start and end of tests.
TestLoop A test that runs another test multiple times.
TestLoopDuration Loops for a constant amount of time.
TestResult The result of a test includes the test and the duration that the test took to execute.
TestThreadGroup A test that runs a test in several threads.
TestTimer A test listener that times tests.
TokeniseTag A Jelly tag that tokenises a string.
TopLevelContext Test Context, includes Features, Resources accessible by all tests etc.
UtilTagLibrary A library of utility tags.
WebPageTestGroup A basic test that performs an HTTP get on a single URL, using multiple threads, for a fixed duration.

Package net.sf.jbenchmark Description


The benchmark tool is a simple HTTP benchmarking tool. Benchmarks are defined in an XML based benchmark script, and an Ant task is used to execute the script. see the userguide.html for details.